‘A hurricane’, is how Feike Asma described the organ of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. This impressive instrument, renowned for its majestic full sound and numerous registration options, is now available in Sweelinq.

It is incredible that this historic organ is now within reach for every organist. The unparalleled realism of the sample set brings the grandeur of the Vater-Müller organ directly to your own instrument. This is not just an addition to the Sweelinq organ database; it’s a game-changer.

With Sweelinq 2.0, you can experience this famous organ as if you were sitting in the Oude Kerk. This is not only a tribute to one of the most renowned organs in the world but also a unique opportunity for every enthusiast to bring the beauty of this instrument to life. Prepare yourself for a musical experience of unprecedented proportions, one that even Feike Asma would have dreamed of.

Listen to sound clips played by Evan Bogerd and Vincent de Vries here.