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A pipe organ with a special character

The St. Joris church in Westzaan is a cruciform church and was built from 1740-1741 with a rich façade in the regency style, possibly after a design by the Amsterdam carpenter Jan van der Streng. The foundation stone was laid on May 19, 1740, and the dedication took place on July 14, 1741. The new church was built in the shape of a Greek cross against a late Gothic tower left of the previous church, which collapsed in 1843. This older church was dedicated to Saint George. In the church is an 18th-century pulpit, with a pelican with young under the tub.

The organ was built by Flaes & Brünjes in 1866. A two-manual organ that was put back into use after restoration at the end of January 2002. Restoration and restoration work has previously been carried out by Bik in 1923, and, more radically, by Flentrop in 1945 and after its dismantling in 1966, during the church restoration. Relocation followed in 1971 with restoration of the pipework and re-voicing by Flentrop in 1975.

The recent restoration was carried out by Elbertse. The organ case, the mechanics, the windchests and the keyboards have been restored. The Prestant 4 of the upper was returned to the original Prestant 8, and the Terts was removed. The Salicional 8 and Octave 4 were replaced by a Salicet 4 and Fluit 2, and a Roerquint 3 was added.

Since 1968 the building has been registered as a national monument in the register of monuments.

Source: https://www.orgelsite.nl/westzaan-grote-kerk-joriskerk/

Source: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grote_Kerk_(Westzaan)

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Hoofdwerk (C-f”‘)

Bourdon 16′
Prestant 8′
Roerfluit 8′
Octaaf 4′
Fluit 4′
Quint 3′
Octaaf 2′
Mixtuur 4 st.
Cornet 4 st.
Trompet 8′ B/D

Bovenwerk (C-f”‘)

Prestant 8′
Holpijp 8′
Viola di Gamba 8′
Salicet 4′
Roerfluit 4′
Roerquint 3
Fluit 2′

Pedal (C-d’)

Subbas 16′
Octaaf 8′
Gedekt 8′
Bazuin 16′


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Flaes and Brünjes