The new organ for the CGK (Christian Reformed Church) Ichthus in Urk is largely built with material from the former Kleuker organ of the St. Johanniskirche in Hannover, preserving the versatile pipe work of the Detlev-Kleuker organ.

Organ builder Ide Boogaard and consultant Stef Tuinstra worked with the organ committee to create a three-manual organ with Hoofdwerk, Rugwerk, Bovenwerk (in a swell box) and Pedal. The existing pipes, Hoofdwerk chest and swell chests were recycled, while new chests were made for the Pedal and Rugwerk. The console came from another organ.

Some stops were made new, while others came from the organ maker’s stock. The front pipework was completely new, including Trumpets 16′ and 8′ for the Hoofdwerk. To compensate for the new reed stops for the manuals, the pedal reed stops were modified. The Hoofdwerk also received a new Cornet V descant.

Although originally based on the Bätz organ in The Hague, the sound was later revised because the voicing of the pipes was more in keeping with the Hinsz sound world, inspired by his organs in Kampen and Bolsward. For the Bovenwerk more romantic atmospheres were sought with the placement of strings and a swell box.

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Ichthuskerk Urk